In this blog we are going to talk about wallpapers, than the first thing you will think about is "huh, woot" a whole website about information and ideas about wallpapers, how come? That there are 1001 species of wallpapers you already know just think about sports, cars, cartoons etc. But there is more we have wallpapers in high resolution and in ultra high resolutions better known as full HD and UHD. But we also have widescreen wallpapers wich are for a really wide screen. If you have more than 1 screen you can use a dualscreen wallpaper those are specially made and designed for 2 screens next to each other. If you have more than 2 screens than maybe it's a good idea to set a different wallpapers for every screen or to use a panorama wallpaper. We also have special wallpapers for mobile phones, if the wallpaper is more dark it will cost less battery on your smartphone cause your screen is simply less bright. The wallpapers are also in standing position instead of landscape. For your tablet you can use the normal landscape wallpapers the same as u use on your desktop. For in the future they will also design special wallpapers for your smartwatches and other futuristic gadgets. Another idea is to print your wallpaper on a nice canvas. So you can use them as painting on your wall. It will be more cheap than buy a painting and you can choose everything you like instead of only the one wich are available in the stores. You can also use wallpapers to design your own giftcards to be creative. Another idea is to shoot some nice photos and edit them in photoshop. In this way you can create your own wallpapers and send them into the world. Now you see there are so many things you can do with some wallpapers there are many more things to do with wallpapers but we let you be creative. Just dont use stockimages for profesional use. Or ask the owners for permission first, most of the wallpapers sites are just the one who host the images and make them available for public use only.

Because it is almost christmas time we want to wish you a merry christmas.